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HIV Community Care

Randolph Health's HIV Community Care is a program committed to helping people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Experienced community case managers provide emotional and practical support to individuals facing many issues due to a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS. Our professional staff is dedicated to the health and wellness needs of people living with HIV or AIDS through support, understanding and hope.

Case managers help in the following ways:

  • Assist with referrals to community services, specialized medical care and mental health services
  • Coordinate transportation services to and from medical appointments
  • Assist with securing medications through state programs, pharmaceutical programs, compassionate care programs and local resources
  • Coordinate volunteer services to provide emotional and practical support
  • Provide support groups and educational programs for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide temporary, emergency financial assistance with housing, utilities, food, clothing and other essential needs
  • Coordinate services with home health and community health providers as appropriate
  • Assist with financial planning for medical bills
  • Referrals to nutritionists, massage therapy, respite care and wellness programs
  • Provide access to legal services for matters such as wills and living wills, power of attorney, tax preparation, guardianship, and other legal matters related to health and well-being