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Volunteer Education

All volunteers are required to complete volunteer education to ensure that patients and their families are receiving quality care from freshly trained volunteers.

Why do I have to read all of the materials; I already know this information

Completing the modules and quiz assures us you are competent in your volunteer role and serves as a refresher in areas critical to that role, such as patient and fire safety. 

Do I need to do this every year?

Yes, this education is required annually.

Why are we completing this online?

Completing the education online helps us streamline annual requirements.

The following education must be reviewed and the education quiz must be printed, completed and returned to the volunteer office by the due date.

  1. Volunteer Education
  2. Volunteer education quiz & answer sheet

Thank you for choosing to volunteer your time at Randolph Health. You are a crucial member of our team, and we are proud of your dedication and commitment to making Randolph Health an excellent choice for healthcare.