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Anatomic ACL Reconstruction

Injuring your ACL can be career ending for athletes and devastating for active individuals. The ACL is located inside the knee joint and is responsible for stabilizing the knee. When it is damaged, drastic changes in movement patterns occur.

Jeffrey Yaste, MD, offers a minimally invasive approach to reconstructing an injured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The approach gives patients a new ACL much like the one they were born with and is most helpful in preventing reinjury to the knee. With few orthopedic surgeons trained in this surgical approach, Dr. Yaste's technique is making Asheboro, North Carolina, a destination sports medicine center.

Benefits of Anatomic ACL

  • An anatomic ACL reconstruction can be performed by using the patient's own tendon or a donor tendon.
  • Because the surgeon is trained to be precise about the placement of the new ACL, the anatomic ACL procedure allows the ligament to perform and function just like the one the patient was born with.
  • An anatomic ACL decreases the chances of reinjury in the patient's knee, making it less likely for the patient to require a second surgery.