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Hand and Upper Extremities

Reaching, grabbing, writing, driving, lifting and waving are all activities that we take for granted. Each of these seemingly simple gestures is possible only because of the versatility and flexibility of the upper extremities. This area of the human body is uniquely complex and includes the joints, bones and muscles of the fingers, hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder.

Conditions We Treat

At Randolph Health, our hand and upper-extremity therapy staff includes physical therapists and occupational therapists who specialize in hand and upper-extremity therapy as part of:

  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Head injury and trauma rehabilitation
  • Peripheral nerve injury recovery
  • Cerebrovascular accident rehabilitation
  • Workplace injury rehabilitation
  • Sports injury treatment

Our physical and occupational therapists offer educational seminars and in-service training on avoiding injury at work, at home or while playing sports.

Our Rehabilitation Facilities

The hand and upper-extremity therapy specialists at Randolph Health have access to advanced therapeutic treatments, including:

  • The Industrial Training Center
  • The Activities of Daily Living Lab
  • Bioness products, which use electrical stimulations to reintegrate the brain and muscular function of the upper extremities
  • Aquatic therapy