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Maternity Services

Randolph Health's maternity suites are family-focused to ensure that your birthing experience is an exciting and memorable occasion. New moms love the suites, where they can deliver and then promptly snuggle their babies all in one comfortable, family-friendly place. Just minutes after labor and delivery, recovering moms are given their babies so they can begin the essential, profound bonding experience.

The 12 beautifully furnished maternity suites allow new mothers and babies to remain in the same spacious room throughout their stay, in most cases. Each suite has hardwood floors, a comfy bed, a private bath and even some little touches of home that Dad might appreciate.

During your stay, our nurses will provide one-on-one education to help you with newborn care, breastfeeding techniques, safety and more. Our highly trained maternity staff provides new mothers the support they need throughout all phases of labor, delivery, recovery and the postpartum period. The personalized, highly skilled care found at Randolph Health will enhance your childbirth experience, making you more comfortable and confident in caring for your new baby. Randolph Health is committed to providing an ideal environment for the first days of new moms and dads.

Supporting our maternity services is a team of physicians who provide care to mothers and newborns, giving your baby a healthy start. Our staff of OB-GYN physicians and family practitioners who provide obstetrical care are all board-certified in their specialty. These skilled physicians can identify signs and symptoms of a complicated delivery or of the possibility of giving birth before 32 weeks. They can provide the medical attention needed to help you through your pregnancy.

Level 2 nursery

Within maternity services is a Level 2 Nursery. A Level 2 Nursery provides care for premature newborns (32 weeks of gestation) and full-term newborns with breathing difficulties, jaundice or other medical conditions. Infants cared for in the nursery might require oxygen and may need medication and fluids intravenously. Newborns that might require additional services beyond the basic newborn care are in good hands within our nursery.