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Introducing Randolph Health

Why We Rebranded

Our community has changed over the years and we have evolved with it. We have grown our capabilities and expanded our geographic footprint to provide the Randolph area better access to the high caliber healthcare it needs, carried out with the same personal attention we've always offered. As a result, we are more than a hospital. So, we have embraced a new name, look, and experience that better represents who we are and what we do.

What's Changed

  • The name: Randolph Hospital and it's connected facilities and practices are now unified under the name Randolph Health. The name aligns our efforts to serve our community and signifies a consistent approach to treatment and care. Together, we create a network of capability and expertise all committed to the same compassionate approach. View locations map.
  • The look: With a nod the heritage medical cross, the new logo illustrates a fresh and modern approach to healthcare. The dots signify the connection Randolph Health has both with it's affiliated facilities and practices and with the community it has served for more than 80 years.
    Randolph Health Logo
  • The experience: As a result of our increases in capability and continued efforts to provide the attentive, personalized care our patients and their families deserve, we have evolved the experience we offer over the years as well. Our service model and procedures makes certain we put empathy in action, we always treat with the patient's best interest in mind, and we take care of our community with uplifting determination.

How That Impacts You

Our new brand means a lot of things to us and hopefully someday it will for you as well. As Randolph Health, we are committed to providing Community Connected Care. To us that means—a network of quality care providers, treating every patient like they're family. As a result of this approach you can expect:

  • Direct access to the best primary care providers and specialists in the area
  • Better communication and easier scheduling
  • More effective treatment plans
  • Personalized healthcare practices
  • Continued pledge to promote health and wellness in the area

We are honored to be your health care provider and our new brand positions us to continue to carry out our mission of promoting health and wellness throughout the region. With great anticipation of the bright future we share, we are now Randolph Health!