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MRI Center

When you need an MRI, Randolph Health is ready. Randolph Health's free-standing Caring Suite MRI not only focuses on you internally, but externally as well. This Caring Suite technology allows us to see high-quality internal images, while letting you customize your external environment.

You get to build your environment, from the colors in the room to the images displayed on the ceiling to the music you hear. And with a wider opening and silent technology, you can relax and let us do all the work. Our MRI Center truly puts you first.

Randolph Health MRI boasts several advantages over other, more traditional MRI setups. Among them is its off-site location, down the street from the hospital with parking right next to the building.

Randolph Health MRI's scanner is also a step up with its wider bore, allowing people of all sizes and those with claustrophobia to fit more comfortably, and the utilization of silent technology, reducing the scanning noise to a soft beeping.