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Quality & Safety

Randolph Health is committed to delivering high-quality, low-cost health care. As part of our commitment we will provide you with reliable, easy-to-understand information on our quality. This information comes from independent, third party sources and will let you know how well we follow care guidelines that are proven to lead to better patient outcomes and how satisfied patients are with their health care experience at Randolph Health.

Joint Commission link:

The Joint Commission is the accrediting body for Randolph Health. At least every three years they conduct an unannounced three-to- four day comprehensive survey, evaluating Randolph Health’s conformance with very rigorous standards. This is the accrediting agency that surveys the vast majority of health systems nationwide.

CMS Compare link:

CMS, aka Medicare, collects data from all hospitals that treat Medicare patients nationwide. Their Compare website is a public website designed to provide consumers with easy-to-understand detail regarding an organization’s ability to successfully provide care that meets up to 155 metrics regarding safety, quality and satisfaction.