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Randolph Health is excited to announce expanded services with the addition of TeleNephrology consultations as well as dialysis for inpatient hospitalizations to better serve the needs of our patients. We have partnered with Renasolve and nephrologist, Rubin Chandran, MD to provide inpatient nephrology services. Renasolve specializes in providing 24/7 inpatient nephrology and TeleNephrology services to rural communities. Our team is proud to provide skilled and compassionate kidney care that will allow patients to remain in their local community-close to family and close to home. Our goal is to improve patient care and bring necessary access to nephrology specialists to our inpatient population, eliminating the need for patients and their families to travel long distances.

Our nephrologists and kidney care team have extensive clinical expertise in all aspects of nephrology and are dedicated to providing the highest level of care. Together we will continue to advance the healthcare needs of our community.