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Patient Portal

My Randolph Health Record

My Randolph Health Record is an easy-to-use online tool to access and manage your personal health information. Your time is valuable, and this tool makes time-consuming tasks simple. You can now access portions of your personal health information.

Log on Self Enrollment

Log on for Visually Impaired

You choose when and where you want to access your information, and it's available at the touch of a button. Once you've signed up for My Randolph Health Record, you can access the following information:

  • Health information—visit history and health summary
  • Allergies and medications
  • Appointments—view upcoming hospital appointments
  • Lab results
  • Imaging results

All of the information in My Randolph Health Record comes from your Randolph Health electronic health record. If you are already registered, click the "Log On" button above. Then simply enter your username and password.

If you haven't registered for My Randolph Health Record and would like to, you will need to stop by Health Information at Randolph Health and register, or you can use the self-enrollment button above to register. You will need to have your medical record number and a current email address on file with Randolph Hospital.

My Randolph Health Record FAQs

Where does my health information in My Randolph Health Record come from?

All of the information in My Randolph Health Record comes from Randolph Health's electronic health record.

Can my family access My Randolph Health Record?

Yes. You will need to fill out a Proxy Request form that is available at the health information department at Randolph Health.

Are my physician office records available in My Randolph Health Record?

No. You will need to contact your physician office to access that information. Several physician offices now have similar tools to My Randolph Health Record, and you might want to inquire on your option to register with them.

Whom do I contact to discuss my results?

Contact your primary care/family physician or the provider who ordered the test.

How will I know if my results are available to view in My Randolph Health Record?

You will receive an email regarding new activity on My Randolph Health Record. Results and reports should be available 36 hours after completion.

Is my information safe?

Yes, My Randolph Health Record passwords are encrypted and URLs are rewritten so that they cannot be copied and pasted. You and authorized family members are the only ones who can access your My Randolph Health Record. Also, a timeout feature protects your information if you leave My Randolph Health Record open.