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Patient and Family Resources

When you come to the Randolph Health Cancer Center for help, you'll be surrounded by oncologists who care about you and your recovery. With their clinical help and guidance, you can fight back. And if that cancer treatment process leaves you feeling a little tired—or if you have questions about your cancer—we can offer more help.

These are some of the additional services we offer, which can make living with cancer just a little easier.

Spiritual Care Services

We have chaplains on staff in the Randolph Health Cancer Center, and they can offer you and your caregivers spiritual guidance and support. Our chaplains use a nondenominational approach, and people of all faiths are welcome to take advantage.

In a meeting with our chaplains, you can express your thoughts, feelings and concerns about living with cancer. You can get spiritual support and prayer. And you might also get the spiritual guidance you've been looking for.

Ask your oncology nurse to connect you with a chaplain.

Social Workers for Additional Cancer Care Support

Cancer treatment programs can make your life more than a little complex. Our social workers can help. Talk with our social workers and get connected with programs that can assist with:

  • Social Security or disability benefits.
  • Lodging.
  • Financial assistance.
  • Cancer education and support.

Our social workers can also provide individual and counseling services, if you or your family members are struggling with the emotional or physical impact of living with cancer.

Cancer Resources You Can Trust

Your oncologist is your best resource when you have questions about your cancer staging and your cancer treatment options. But you might also have questions about what cancer is, how it works and how others cope. We can help.

We've also pulled together a list of national websites you can lean on for trusted information about cancer.