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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is the preferred treatment for more than half of all cancer diagnoses. In some cases, it's the only treatment needed for cancer. In other cases, it may be part of a plan that includes additional treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy.

How Radiation Therapy Helps

Radiation may be used to help cure cancer or to slow cancer's growth. Unlike chemotherapy, radiation therapy treats just the tumor. That means radiation affects only the part of the body that's being treated.

Radiation Therapy at the Randolph Health Cancer Center

Your oncologist and the other members of your cancer treatment team will work with you to determine the best course of treatment. If radiation therapy is part of your treatment plan, one of the Cancer Center's radiation oncologists will prescribe an individualized course of treatment, define the areas to treat and design the treatment with the help of the other cancer team members.

Our facility is staffed full-time with board-certified radiation oncologists with technical support from our physics and dosimetry staff, experienced radiation therapists, nurses and other support staff.

Radiation Therapy FAQs

Do I have to avoid contact with others, such as children or pregnant women, after my treatments?

No. Even though high-energy radiation is used to treat you, there is no residual left in your body. The radiation is gone immediately after your treatment, and it is safe to have contact with others.

Will I be alone in the treatment room when I have my treatments?

Even though the treating therapists are not permitted to be in the room when treatment is being delivered, you are never alone. Two monitors are used to keep you in visual contact at all times. In addition, a two-way intercom is used so we can hear you and speak to you at all times.

Will my hair fall out with radiation therapy?

Radiation affects only the area that is being treated. If we are treating an area that contains hair, it most likely will come out.

Can I wear my jewelry during my treatment?

Yes, you have to take it off only if it will be in your treatment field. We will tell you if that's the case.

Can my family member come back and see the room?

Yes, we like to involve the family and let them see the radiation therapy process. After the first couple of days, a family member can come back and see the room and how the patient is set up each day.

How long do my radiation treatments take?

Typically treatment will take only 10 to 20 minutes each visit.

Does the radiation hurt?

Not at all. Some patients experience discomfort lying on the table, but we will work very hard to get you as comfortable as possible.

Do I need someone to drive me home?

Not unless you have driving restrictions already from your doctor.