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Imaging tests are an important part of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Tests, such as mammograms, can be done to screen for cancer. Imaging tests can also be done to help predict whether a tumor is cancerous and to show where a tumor is located in the body and help guide biopsies.

During cancer treatment, imaging tests can help oncologists determine the stage of the cancer and help guide treatments such as radiation therapy. They can also help show if treatment has been successful.

Imaging at Randolph Health Cancer Center

Randolph Health Cancer Center offers a variety of state-of-the-art imaging technologies that can be used throughout a patient's treatment. Most imaging tests are performed right at the Cancer Center. Any tests that can't be done here can be performed upstairs at Randolph Health's Outpatient Center.

Imaging tests are also available in our comprehensive Breast Center. The center provides total breast care with innovative medical technologies and treatments designed specifically for women—such as digital mammography, diagnostic ultrasounds and biopsies, and stereotactic breast biopsy.