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When you've been diagnosed with cancer, and that cancer has spread, chemotherapy might be the best way to fight back. Chemotherapy can seek out cancerous cells throughout your body. That can help slow the growth of your cancer, and it might ease your cancer symptoms too. Your oncologist might use chemotherapy in combination with cancer surgery or cancer radiation treatments, or chemotherapy might be the only cancer treatment that's used.

If your doctor recommends chemotherapy as part of your cancer treatment program, the Randolph Health Cancer Center is your top choice in the Piedmont Plateau region. Here, you can get targeted chemotherapy treatments in surroundings that help you feel safe, comfortable and respected.

Chemotherapy at the Randolph Health Cancer Center

Most people have six chemotherapy treatments, and each session lasts for anywhere from 10 minutes to six hours. Agreeing to chemotherapy means making a serious commitment of both time and energy. At the Randolph Health Cancer Center, we do all we can to respect that commitment and make your treatments as pleasant as possible.

Our chemotherapy infusion center is outfitted with lounge chairs, so you can rest and relax during your treatment. We have comfortable seating options for your family members too, so they can keep you company.

We offer treatments in a group environment, so you can connect with, support and learn from other people who also have cancer. But if you prefer, you can receive your chemotherapy in a private, dedicated room. We give you control.

Answering Your Chemotherapy Questions

When you come to the Randolph Health Cancer Center for treatment, we'll meet with you, explain your treatment program and answer any questions you might have. To help you prepare, we've also answered common questions we've heard from patients.

Can I drive while undergoing chemotherapy treatment?

Yes, unless you have a driving restriction from your physician.

What can I eat?

Whatever you want, unless you are on a restricted diet.

Can I go to work?

Yes, if your oncologist says it's OK. But you might feel fatigue. It's a very common chemotherapy side effect.

Will I be sick?

Most patients do well with chemotherapy, and you will receive anti-nausea medications as needed.

How long will my chemotherapy take?

Each chemotherapy session could take anywhere from 10 minutes to six hours, depending on the regimen.

How long do I have to take chemotherapy?

It depends on your oncologist's orders and regimen.

Can I bring a friend or spouse?

Yes, we encourage you to bring family and friends as support during chemotherapy. However, try to limit to one or two special people so that you are not overwhelmed during your treatment.

How often will I see my oncologist?

Once for each cycle of chemotherapy, unless your oncologist asks to see you earlier or you are not feeling well when you come in for chemotherapy.

What stage is my cancer?

Your oncologist will determine the stage of your cancer and review this with you at your appointment.