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Patient & Family Advisory Council

At Randolph Health, patients and their families are recognized as valued members of our health care team who have important perspectives, feedback and solutions to share. The Randolph Health Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is dedicated to the collaboration between the healthcare team and patient/family advisors with an aim to provide respectful, compassionate and safe healthcare and to promote health and wellness throughout our system and in the communities that we serve.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council works in partnership with the leadership and clinical staff of Randolph Health to create an environment of patient and family-centered care across the entire system.

Interested in Becoming a Patient and Family Advisor?

As a patient and family advisor, your experiences are a powerful tool for inspiring change throughout our system. By sharing your perspectives and working with staff and other patient and family advisors, you can make a real difference. The time and energy you invest, helps us make important changes and improves the care experience for other patients and families.

Contact Sylvia Beamer, Volunteer Services at Randolph Health, (336) 629-8886 or

Prospective Patient and Family Advisor Qualities:

  • Shares insights and experiences in productive ways
  • Listens well
  • Collaborates on solutions
  • Sees beyond his/her own care experience
  • Has passion for improving the health care experience for all
  • Respects diversity and differing opinions
  • Desires to improve the quality and safety of health care