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Grant Funding

Each and every day, Randolph Health strives to provide care and healing through quality health care services. But the health system's impact on the community is much broader than the care given within the hospital walls. Through grants funded by the Randolph Health Community Foundation, local, nonprofit organizations from all around the county are able to provide health and wellness programs that make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

The Randolph Health Community Foundation was founded in 1995 and awarded its first grants in 1997. Contributions to the foundation have been a valuable part of the Foundation's ability to award over $1.8 million in grants over the past 22 years. Gifts to the Foundation, other than through special events, become part of an endowment and are invested to earn interest. Only interest income from the endowment and funds raised through special events are used to fund nonprofit health and wellness projects across Randolph County.

Application Process

The Randolph Health Community Foundation is honored to have awarded almost $2 million dollars to Randolph County non-profit organizations over the past 22 years to make a difference in the health and wellness of our community and at Randolph Health. As work continues at Randolph Health to secure local health care in our community, the Foundation has made the decision to not only suspend fund raising, but to also suspend the awarding of grants, until a future partner has been identified.