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The Randolph Health Community Foundation was founded in May 1995 as an endowment, meaning it provides a focused, tax-deductible route for individuals and corporations to give to the community's health needs.

Gifts to the Foundation, other than through special events, become part of an endowment and are invested to earn interest. Only interest income from the endowment and funds raised through special events are used to improve health and wellness for the people of Randolph County by offering grants to Randolph Health and other community organizations.

Our priorities are programs that support at least one of the following focus areas:

  • Randolph Health: Projects that support the mission of Randolph Health and its efforts to provide quality healthcare.
  • Nutrition: Projects that benefit nutrition in the areas of education, training and research.
  • Physical fitness: Promotion of healthy living through programs that initiate, expand and improve physical fitness.
  • Substance abuse: Education and prevention programs that ease the transition of becoming free from the health problems associated with abuse of alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs.

The endowment currently has over $2.5 million and since 1997, when the first grants were awarded, the Randolph Health Community Foundation has been able to award over $1.8 million in grants back to the community.